Wednesday 2 April 2014

HackApp PRO. Security is not condition, security is a process.

Dear friends!

Last two months we were like in hibernation, but we weren't! We were sitting in a deep dungeon and coding something special, that could be more useful, then just one-time-manual-scanning-on. And now, we are glad to introduce it!

Security is not condition, security is a process.

What if you are an owner of many applications, and you want to know how buggy they are? Each of them. Each release of each of them. Will you manually upload each release in HackApp or you perform a manual security audit by yourself? What if you have a few releases per day, and you can't  keep your developers on a short leash?

HackApp PRO can help you here.
It's a special kind of agent, which checks for updates of an app by a link provided, automatically downloads each new release, scans it and reports you the fact of release, all bugs in it and tracks history of all releases.

At first, you will see a dashboard with all apps added by you:

If you click your favorite one, you will see the whole history of releases:

Report page looks familiar:

In the files section you can search for a file:

you can set false-positive flags for some bugs and they will not bother you in further reports:

by clicking you can open a file right in your browser (if its mime type is supported)

SQLite dumps with deleted data extractor:

There is a short list of Pro version benifits: 
  1. Email report about new releases,
  2. Bugs from Android Manifest,
  3. All suspicious files identified as bugs,
  4. List of changed, added or removed files,
  5. False-Positive lists,
  6. Human-readable Binary XMLs from Android apps,
  7. SQLite container opened as SQL dumps + SuperFeature: Deleted data extractor (details)
  8. ... and tons of small fixes :) 

Interested ? Get Free 3 Months Pilot !

As you might have guessed, maintenance and development costs money, so we need to earn it to keep running. If you need time to understand whether HackApp Pro suits your DLC you can get 3 months free pilot with the following conditions:
  1. You prove that you are the owner of the App.
  2. You report all bugs in HackApp, you will find :)
  3. You write a feedback, which we can publish with the reference.
Sounds good? Contact us: 

Basic version of HackApp remains absolutely free.


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