Monday, 2 September 2013

Interface update and other features

Hi, Autumn has just started and to distract from it, we've just pushed new amazing features! Main reasons of new features were to make the interface more convinient and results more accurate.

First of all and the most important, we group bundle contents by type (type defined by extension) now. This feature brings analysis to a new level: you do not need to go through all app' files to find something interesting or unusual, we make it for you:

And we've finaly implemented sorting on dashboard panel, you can sort by name or last update, by clicking on a column name:

In addition, you can distinguish all new reports from reports you've already seen:

Under-the-hood staff has been also updated, and works more smoothly and accurate:

1. SQLite,XML,PLIST processors were rewritten from scratch,
2. Signature database was updated,
3. Engine was accelerated.

And onces again, thank you friends for suggestions and bug reports, it makes HackApp better :)


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