Monday, 1 September 2014

Official comment on iCloud leak

I'm really sorry that talk given by @hackappcom  and @abelenko on local @DefconRussia a group meeting (@chaos_construct event)  few days ago have had such nasty consequences. And blackhat community performed such weak, cheap and  ungrateful feedback.

In  justification I can only mention,  that we only described the way  HOW to hack AppleID. Stealing private "hot" data is outside of our scope of interests. We discuss such methods of hacks in our's narrow range, just to identify all the ways how privacy can by abused.

For everyone, who was involved in this incident, I want to remind, that today we are living in  Brave New Global World, when privacy protection wasn't ever so weak, and you have to consider, that all you data from "smart" devices could be accessable from internet,which is the  place of  anarchy, and, as result, could be source of  undesirable and unfriendly activity.

So, weak "dictonary" passowrd (like P@$$w0rd), is not the best way to protect yourself in modern world. But it's not your fault, it's the total  problem of modern-being, that people use technology, without understanding all the risks and consequences. Not all  users are nerds (look  -  Jim Parsons account was not hacked!).

And now, after all this you've experienced, we can  offer only  to start information security self-education. You may  follow us on twitter:

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Stay wild :)


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  2. Have you noticed that at whatever point there is a problem,its never the Platform's fault.It's generally the bad guys who made sense of the holes,or the users who didn't take after instructions.IMO, and I do hate to say it along these lines,users need to comprehend that these weaknesses are there and are not going without end.It you do anything you wouldn't have any desire to broadcast before a thousand strangers in a shopping mall,be exceptionally cautious how you ensure it and where you put it.Free and easy = risk.

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